Multivariate diallel analysis by factor analysis for establish mega-traits

Caracteres morfol\'ogicos e rendimento de gr\~aos de h\'ibridos simples de milho em diferentes ambientes

The aim of this study was to assess the behavior of morphological components and yield of simple hybrid corn grains cultivated in different environments. Three field trials were conducted in the state of Rio Grande do Sul under an experimental …

Confidence interval width for pearson's correlation coefficient: a gaussian-independent estimator based on sample size and strength of association

Environment stratification in the evaluation of corn hybrids in southern brazil

The implementation of a network of maize trials is an onerous task, so breeding programs seek to eliminate redundant environments, remaining only contrasting ones. The objective was to perform the homogeneous environment grouping by studying the …

Morphological characteristics and grain yield of simple corn hybrids in different environments

Multicollinearity in path analysis: a simple method to reduce its effects

Reml/blup and sequential path analysis in estimating genotypic values and interrelationships among simple maize grain yield-related traits

The effect of types and split of urea on yield indicators and yield components of maize

Maize is one of the most important cereals in the world. The productive potential of this crop is closely associated with nitrogen (N) fertilization, thus, studies focused on this subject are important in the development of cropping strategies. The …