Grain yield and its associations with pre-harvest sprouting in wheat


This study aimed to evaluate direct and indirect effects of agronomic traits importance on grain yield with focus in pre-harvest sprouting. Experiment was conducted in 2017 crop season, and conducted in a randomized block design, with three replications, with eight wheat cultivars (BRS Sábia, CD 105, CD 1104, CD 1440, Frontana, Jadeíte 11, Mirante and ORS Vintecinco). Grain yield and its components were evaluated, as well as other important traits such as pre-harvest sprouting. Data were submitted to variance analysis; and phenotypic, genotypic and environmental correlations were estimated to understand grain yield expression, direct and indirect effects of its components were evaluated through path analysis. Cultivar BRS Sabiá showed shorter cycle, cultivar CD 1104 was highlighted in number of spikes per area, hectoliter weight and grain yield. And cultivars Frontana, CD 1440 and ORS Vintecinco presented the best tolerances pre-harvest sprouting. Grain yield showed high and positive phenotypic and genotypic correlations with number of ears per square meter. Furthermore, high positive direct effect of pre-harvest sprouting on grain yield, revels lower tolerance for cultivars with high grain yield. Number of spikes per square meter showed intermediate and positive direct effect and pre-harvest sprouting had the greatest direct effect on grain yield.

In: Journal of Agricultural Science, 11(4):142,